BMP provides detailed cost certification and benchmarking solutions that allows operators, engineering and construction companies, owners teams and corporates working in the aviation, automotive, renewables, manufacturing, automation, mining, process, power generation, oil and gas and heavy infrastructure sectors to determine costs and return on investment for any project.

BMP offers a high value solution which provides accurate schedule and cost estimates, WBS – NPV – ROI, allowing a greater degree of certainty behind decision making through international benchmarking and best practice engineering principles.


What we do:

  • Review your business and its costs.
  • Workshop your business costs, to develop a baseline of costs.
  • Compare benchmarked cost, time and engineering fundamentals.
  • Convert baseline benchmarked cost findings into practical solutions via reviewing your baseline of costs via best practice costs for your project. Only BMP can deliver this to you.
  • Audit, Independent Peer Reviews, review of benchmarked costs, tenders and proposals


On our team we have Certified Benchmarking Professionals, including forensic accountants and quantity surveyors.  To make decisions about your business you can’t afford to be vague: precision and certainty are the corner stones of any well-run business.


  • BMP can assist you to determine your actual costs and schedule, using BMP’s rigorous and systematic method of developing a cost and time model of your project.
  • Whatever the project, proposal, tender or business, your decisions will be better when you have access to certified and benchmarked cost and time data.
  • No guesses, no scaling, no estimates, no simulations and no probabilities or uncertainties.
  • BMP only uses confirmed data that we obtain via our banking and industry sources. Data covers projects from conception to final account: so, it’s correct. We can compare this best practice data against your baseline data, for any region, right down to the smallest detail.


Our Activities:

The BMP solution allows you to benchmark your costs, for operators, engineering and construction companies, owner’s teams and senior management working in the aviation, automotive, renewables, manufacturing, automation, mining,  process, power generation, oil and gas and heavy infrastructure sectors.

BMP uses a sophisticated financial model that uses benchmarking and best practice global trends, that can be fed into the BMP model

As the model is simple to use and operate, it enables you to input your own data, using actual engineering and operational data (BMP Data Books) entered into a cost verification model based on global trends that are updated monthly.

The BMP team then analyze clients data and benchmark performance of an asset or project against these trends. Our benchmarks and trends can be applied to every stage of a project to allow you to understand how it is performing against global trends. From this and our expert engineering knowledge we can identify time and cost saving solutions and operational efficiencies.